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Matteo ForteTech Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO @ SWITCH | CEO @ ADPM Drones

Based in Rome and often in Milan. Nope, I don't currently have a better picture.

I deal with innovation, design and communication. And I play basketball, from time to time.

  • Age : 30
  • Phone : + 39 392.4668240
  • E-mail :


I have the passion and desire to shape the future and produce pioneering solutions.



Founder | CEO – SWITCH

Making things happen


Partner | CEO – ADPM Drones

Setting strategy and vision; Fund-raising; Relating with current investors and stakeholders; Building culture; Leading the executive team; Setting Marketing & communication strategy.


Partner | Partnership Builder – ADPM Drones

Creation and development of strategic partnerships and relationships with companies, institutions and investors.


Co-founder – BeLoud

I mainly dealt with the conception, development and implementation of interactive solutions and communication strategies. I took care of the customer relationships and the team coordination.


Communication Designer, Social Media Specialist – Freelance

I worked at the creation and implementation of communication strategies for companies, institutions and public figures also working as a consultant for important agencies like Carosellolab and Institutions such as Palazzo Spinelli.​​ Among the others, I was involved in the design and implementation of marketing and communication strategies for Kuwait Petroleum SPA and Vatican City.


Intern – Centrica - Imagine More

I was involved in the implementation of the following projects: Photographic campaign "Luoghi inaccessibili" [Inaccessible places] at Palazzo Vecchio (assistant photographer + post-production); Design of the graphical interface for the totem used to showcase the "Inaccessible places" of Palazzo Vecchio; Multimedia exhibition: concept, design, presentation material, advertising strategy (online and offline); Preparation of the call for tender in the ICT sector for cultural heritage (multimedia installations and control system of the installations); Editing of the business newsletter.


Assistant Teacher – Private Academy

The course in Avertising Graphic Design lasts three academic years and joins theory with practice. The learning plan is divided in large thematic areas: Visual culture, Semiotics, Morphology and Psychology of the Form, Photography, Colour, Lettering, Design, Computer (Adobe Suite mostly), Systems of Signs, Communication, Visualising, Management e Cultural Seminars.



IOT and Industry 4.0 management in the era of Digital Transformation – Executive Master - LUISS Business School

Business strategy and digital innovation; IoT and Industry 4.0: history, technologies, applications (energy, building, logistics, automotive), value creation; Cyber security & risk management; Law and IoT: Policies, privacy, intellectual property; Digital transformation and change management; Design Thinking.


Artefacts from the Future – Summer School - Copenaghen Institute of Interaction Design

Learn how to evaluate technology and engage in future casting. Gain practical skills in idea generation, storytelling and critical thinking methods. Keywords: futurecasting, concept generation, storytelling, visual design, user-centered design, scenario building.​


ICT for the Cultural Heritage – MsC - Palazzo Spinelli

Grade: 100/100. Aim of the Master is to train professionals who are able to understand the issues related to the possible and sustainable promotion of the cultural heritage and, at the same, properly use advanced digital technologies in the museums when communicating and promoting the cultural heritage. Therefore, the Master course aims at developing the main technologic competencies needed for an heritage promoter nowadays. To do so, the studying plan includes subjects focused on the cultural specific aspects of the sector.


Industrial Design – Bachelor's Degree - Univ. La Sapienza

Grade: 107/110. Thesis: “Interactive Glass Projection & Video Mapping for the promotion of the forced perspective Gallery of Palazzo Spada”.


Graphic Design and Visual Communication – Three-year specialized training - SIDC

Grade: 30/30 with honours. The course in Advertising Graphic Design explores the creative processes applied in all fields of visual communication. Aim of the course is to train a professional who, by learning techniques, "languages" and applications, can manage every single aspect of planning and finalizing advertisements, editorial projects, videographics and packaging.


  • Certificate in Advanced English, C1 (Cambridge English Language Assessment)
  • Qualified Technician in Cultural Heritage Enhancement for business companies and the territory
  • Level 7 (British School Group)


  • Futurecasting
  • Art
  • Privacy & Security
  • Basketball
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Honours and awards

  • 2017: Selected as one of the 100 Fellow for the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative Fellowship
  • 2014: Winner of the public call for tender "Torno Subito" with the project "Interactive Design for Cultural Heritage"
  • 2013: Formal public praise for the important contribution of the Youth City Council, which I used to lead, gave to raising funds and materials on the occasion of the earthquake in Abruzzo of 2009
  • 2013: Winner of the scholarship for the professional course "Web Marketing, SEO, SMM" by Studio Samo
  • 2008: Winner of the merit scholarship​ in Graphic Design and Visual Communication (International School of Comics - SIDC)


  • Italian

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish



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